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Two Chihuahuas found dumped in Riverside canal with mouths taped

Two Chihuahuas, their mouths sealed shut with electrical tape, were found dumped in a Riverside canal Monday in a crime animal service workers described as having been done with “just complete malice.”

The male dog was dead while the female survived. They were discovered by a county public utilities employee doing a routine check of the waterway near Cridge and Olivewood about 11 a.m.

“Someone was just looking to be cruel,” said Riverside County Animal Services Officer Kristina Hillegaart.

The dogs were found on a metal grate in the canal. The female is being examined by veterinarians. A $500 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

"This is just disgusting that someone would do something like this to innocent, defenseless animals," Animal Services Director Robert Miller said.

David Kelly in Riverside, Los Angeles Times, November 2009,

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