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Suzy, our pet Chihuahua

Story by: More

Our Chihuahua was only about six weeks old when my family adopted her and named her Suzy.
Initially she was very scared but slowly she started liking us. Now she is cute, adorable and super snuggly and likes to play a lot with me and my family.

Even though she is super loyal to all my family members but I think she has a really soft spot reserved for me. Suzy is usually quiet pleasant but gets really grouchy if no one takes her for a walk in the park at least once every day. She is very fond of all the little children at the park and playing with them really makes her day.
She loves her snacks but simply adore them if I am the one to serve her food.
She also makes a great fuss during her nap time. She simply loves to hog the bed and will continue to burrow until she finds the perfect spot to settle in or the night. Even though she usually lie right next to me in the bed but it is really funny to find her at different places in the morning. Sometimes I find her at my feet, on other occasions near my backside.

Recently we bought her a new dog bed but she flatly refused to sleep there. So I had to place one of the sheets from my bed to make her sleep there since she will only sleep on blankets or sheets with my scent on them.

Suzy is really feisty and loves to bark at other dogs. However she is a bit afraid of people especially men but really become friendlier once she gets to know them.

This makes our darling Chihuahua probably the only dog on the on the planet who does not long to bite the mailman.

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