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Breeders, owners, Yorkie lovers.....stories, experiences, tips, poems, funny texts here!

Rufus The Runt
(Story by Elsa)
I've known Rufus from the day he was born. A friend of mine was breeding chihuahuas, and he was the runt of the litter. I couldn't believe how tiny he was! more...

Our Chihuahua Bailey
(Story by Mia Holly)
Our dog Bailey is an absolute ham! She loves to do tricks for the treats she gets for doing them, so no matter where she is or what we're doing; she'll come up and do her tricks, hoping for a treat. more...

Our Cute Chihuahua
(Story by Edyne Coller)
Chihuahuas have never been a breed I thought I would like, but we ended up with one that was a stray and took up residence at our house one day about 3 months ago. He was scraggly and thin and dirty, but , oh my goodness, SO sweet. more...

Suzy, our pet Chihuahua
(Story by More)
Our Chihuahua was only about six weeks old when my family adopted her and named her Suzy.
Initially she was very scared but slowly she started liking us. Now she is cute, adorable and super snuggly and likes to play a lot with me and my family. more...

My friend Jacky the Chihuahua
(Story by Wright Leslie)
I am ready to admit I was not a great lover of dogs, sort of disliked them really. And I never dreamt that one day I will be a proud dog owner but that was before I had Jacky... more...

Andy's Adventure
(Story by Andy's Owner and Adorer :-))
Andy is my tan, long haired chihuahua that I've had for about 4 years. He's a really sweet dog, with big eyes and a sweet expression. But don't let that look fool you. He's sneaky.... more...

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