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Rufus The Runt

Story by: Elsa

I've known Rufus from the day he was born. A friend of mine was breeding chihuahuas, and he was the runt of the litter. I couldn't believe how tiny he was!
At first, my friend was worried he wouldn't survive, he was so small. He tried so hard to get to momma chihuahua and nurse, but often the other puppies would push him out of the way. For the first couple of days, my friend had to move the other puppies after they'd nursed a bit, and put them to the side so Rufus could get his share.

After a few days of this, my friend couldn't handle it anymore. She called up her vet, and got some information from him, so she could feed Rufus with an eyedropper. She made sure the other puppies had plenty of milk too, but Rufus had stolen her heart.

After a few weeks of extra care, Rufus was stronger, but still the runt. What he lacked in size, he made up for in determination and attitude. Once his eyes were open, and he could move about a bit, he was always on the go, pushing the other puppies out of the way.

He'd get into places he shouldn't, and my friend had to move them into a box with higher sides to keep him from escaping. She told me a story of how she was going to put nylons on one morning, and she felt this tiny cold paw on her toe. When she looked down, Rufus was there, trying to suckle her pinky toe. He'd already won her heart by then, but that sealed it. Eventually the Rufus' litter mates were big enough for my friend to find homes for, and she didn't have any problems placing these adorable chihuahua puppies. She thought about finding Rufus a home, but she just couldn't bear the thought of him going to another family. So, she kept him.

A few years ago, my friend was injured in a car accident, and had to spend many months recuperating. So, I took care of Rufus for her. Over time I came to love him as much as my friend did. She eventually recovered, but she saw how close Rufus and I had grown, so she let me keep him.

Rufus fits right into my house. He loves to sleep in the crack between the pillows of my bed, and on mornings when it's super cold,he snuggles under the blankets with me. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and he's snoring on the pillow next to me. It's so cute.

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