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Story by: Edyne Coller

Chihuahuas have never been a breed I thought I would like, but we ended up with one that was a stray and took up residence at our house one day about 3 months ago. He was scraggly and thin and dirty, but , oh my goodness, SO sweet.
We took him in, bathed him and fed him and we instantly had a little loveable friend for life, lol!
It was so cute the way he ran around all excited after his bath. The kids love him and play with him constantly. I have a large family, so there is never any shortage of attention for him and believe me, he LOVES attention.

The children named him Scout since we didn't know what his real name was, and he learned it so fast.
I am amazed at how fast he picks up on the tricks the children teach him. He goes with them everywhere and since he's so small, that is easy to do!
My daughter even carries him around in a little bag she has and he loves it because he has already figured out that when he gets in the bad, he gets to go somewhere. He likes to sleep on their beds, and seems to switch beds each night. Makes me wonder if he's purposely giving each of the kids a turn!

I admit that my whole viewpoint on Chihuahuas has changed because of our new family member. He gets along great with our ferrets, our cats and even our two big labs.
They've all accepted him, so he is one happy, active dog with a LOT of "friends" now. He is a constant source of laughter for our family and I am really glad that he ended up on our porch.
He's not underweight anymore, and loves his nightly milk bone treat. That's his signal that it's time for bed, lol.

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