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Our Chihuahua Bailey

Story by: Mia Holly

Our dog Bailey is an absolute ham! She loves to do tricks for the treats she gets for doing them, so no matter where she is or what we're doing; she'll come up and do her tricks, hoping for a treat. We've taught her to sit up, shake, roll over, play dead, crawl, fetch the ball, pick up slippers and socks, and she'll chase bugs too. The kids want to teach her other things as well, and there's no doubt in my mind she'll pick it up, especially if there is a treat involved.

Bailey is a really friendly little dog and the neighborhood kids love her as well since she's always doing tricks for them too. I guess in her mind EVERYONE has treats ready for her! We've had her since she was a puppy and she was the tiniest dog I'd ever seen. I was so afraid someone would hurt her during those first few months, but all I really needed to worry about was the kids petting her fur off. To say she gets a lot of attention is an understatement! I have 7 kids so there is always someone petting her, holding her or playing with her.

One day my son, who hates to pick up his room, shouted for me to come see Bailey. He had taught her to pick up the clothes on his floor and drag them over to him. Every time she did, he'd give her a bit of her treat. Oh my goodness, she couldn't pick up clothes fast enough! It was a riot to watch and both of us couldn't quit laughing as she tried to drag his pants over to him. She did it though, and got that coveted treat! She brings a lot of happiness to our home. She's one of the family for sure.

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