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My friend Jacky the Chihuahua

Story by: Wright Leslie

I am ready to admit I was not a great lover of dogs, sort of disliked them really. And I never dreamt that one day I will be a proud dog owner but that was before I had Jacky.

Jacky is a 4 year old Chihuahua and one the most important part of my life.
My husband gifted him to me on our 2nd marriage anniversary and I thought it was a ploy on his part to avenge me on some great sin I had committed beyond my knowledge. Jacky was then a 2 week old Chihuahua pup and I had no idea how to take care of him.

But I did not want to hurt my husband's feelings and so decided to give it a try.
Slowly I started to like him and one day I discovered that life without Jacky was unimaginable to me.
Now he has grown to become the friend whom I longed to see and cuddle when I return from my office.

He has also become very popular among my friends as well because of his cuteness. One of his favorite past times is chasing the pigeons and sparrows that come to our back garden in the morning.
He first hides behind our rose bushes and waits patiently for the birds to come for the worms and the bread crumbs that we throw for them, then when they have come close enough he springs from behind the bushes with a very loud and fierce bark to catch them.
The birds fly away at once but he still gives them a chase but on realizing that he cannot catch them simply continues to bark at them until I drag him inside. But undeterred by this repeated failure he continues to follow this same routine every single day.

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