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Fun Sites

Fun Sites
Have some fun exploring Chihuahua features!
Dog Collars
Dog Harness
Dog Sweathers and Coats
The Daily Puppy
Real Puppy Newspaper

My Pet DMV
Don´t let your pet drive without a state license!

The Top Favorite Things for a Dog to Smell:

10. Wet socks found behind the hamper
9. The lawn mowing shoes
8. Chocolate chip hot dogs (well, maybe some day..)
7. Rear ends - other dogs, people, mine, I don't care
6. Whatever's in the trash bin
5. Cereal grains and meaty byproducts
4. Those round flat pie things in the cow pasture
3. That stuff I find in between my toes
2. Anything you find in the middle of the highway
1. Burning cat fur...we're for it!

Planet Chihuahua
Welcome to Planet Chihuahua, Molly and Poncho's online home!

Funny Dog Net
Funny Dog Pictures, Cartoons, Cards, Jokes and more

Funny Pet Pictures
Making Pets Famous ! Submit your pet photo

Bad Dogs Chronicles
Fido and Fifi will share their misdeeds with other Net-connected canines and their masters

Bow Wow Meow
Thousands of Pet Names, Popularity, Meanings and Ratings

Dog Friendly
guide for dogs of ALL sizes! Pet friendly hotels, vacation rentals, accommodations,
parks, outoor restaurants and attractions. Find the perfect vacation destination that welcomes dogs

Animals Away
The Pet Relocation Professionals

Mighty Mite Dog Gear
Small Dog Info Center

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